St. John’s Preschool has been recommended for NATIONAL Lutheran Schools Accreditation! 

We offer the Yankton and surrounding communities a  high quality start to their preschooler’s educational journey. We have also provided Yankton with an “Outstanding preschool program” for the past 26 years running. With approval for accreditation,  St. John’s will be the ONLY free standing preschool in the STATE of South Dakota that is Nationally Accredited! That says something about the quality education your preschooler will receive from us!

Weekly Lesson Focus (Numbers, Shapes, Letters, and Colors) at Circle Time

Letter Puppets-Weekly introduction to a new character letter puppet at circle time.

Letter Basket-We look inside our basket to see what every day items begin with our focus letter.

Word Wall-Students begin to read simple words and pictures that refer back to our letter.

Vowac Sound Cards-Help us learn the sounds each letter of the alphabet makes to help us with word building.

SMART Board/Table Exploratory play

Weekly visits from our Pastors during Jesus time. Weekly Bible coloring sheets that correlate with our Bible stories that are sent home to your family.

Gross motor skill building at recess both inside and outside on our fairly new fenced in playground.

Snacks provided by your preschoolers.  Lunch catered by Hy-Vee for the All-Day Pre-K class (included in tuition price).

Field trips and many classroom visitors. We strive for an out/in classroom experience once each month.

Unbroken periods of playing for observation and social skill building at different play areas around the room; block area, sensory table, science table, writing table, manipulatives table, painting easel, dramatic play area, computer and SMART table.

We have currently upgraded our technology within our curriculum with the use of Kindles/Ipads for more individualized learning needs for weekly focus areas.